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I. Faith Statement
We believe in
One Eternal, Almighty, Triune God, as God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in three Persons.
God the Father is the Maker of all created universe.
Lord Christ Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, who is sinless and perfect in His divinity and humanity, came from heaven through the birth of Virgin Mary, suffered and died for the sins of human beings, resurrected from the dead after three days, ascended into Heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty, whence He shall judge the living and the dead.
The Holy Spirit inspires people to know God and His revealed truth, and dwells in all Christians as the Giver of all gifts.
All sinful human beings will be given eternal life through the Holy Spirit by their faith in Christ, and, by the power of the resurrection of Christ Jesus. Alive by Jesus Christ, protect by Holy Spirit and capable of obeying God’s commands.
The Holy Scripture is God’s infallible revelation of truth.
The Church is the Body of Lord Christ Jesus.

II. Vision: Being an informational bridge among Christians, Churches, and Christian Organizations in facilitating the sharing of ministries and visions in God’s Kingdom.

III. Mission: Assisting Churches and Christian Organizations to reap the benefits of modern technology in God’s ministries by establishing databases and websites. Provide Christians worldwide the ability to efficiently search for Christian information, Christian publications and share visions for God’s Kingdom.

IV. Organization
A. Board of Trustees: Chair person, Secretary and Accountant.
B. Advisor Pastoral: Invite consulting pastors from various disciplines.
C. Co-workers: Execution of all functions regarding the Heavenly Portal Project.

V. Finance: All services provided by the Heavenly Portal Project will be supported by voluntary offerings from Christians.

VI. Project Contents
A. Enterprise Management System: Assist Churches and Christian Organization in setting computer information systems.
1. Computer Network System: Setup local networks and internet connections.
2. Enterprise Information Management: Design databases with highly customizable function sets, i.e. individual information, household information, organizational information, membership information, file management, purchasing, offering, retreat planning, speakers, publications, caring, fellowship, serving, library management, etc…
3. Web Page: Design a multi-function modules website that allows churches to decided the best-suited style and web functions to use. Some of these functions are: news events, calendar, photo albums, forums, links, picture galleries, daily Bible verses, and other static web pages such as home page, organizational introduction, faith statement and contact information. Churches may choose from various methods of web hosting, i.e. subscribe to private web hosting providers, have websites hosted by another Christian organization, or in-house web hosting with dedicated T1 lines.
4. Training: Dispatch Heavenly Portal trainers to assist Churches to train staff members in areas of basic computer operation, website maintenance, file management, and database maintenance.
B. Worldwide Christian Informational
Content: Collect directories, and compile index according to categories and target groups, etc…
1. Church Directory: Gathering information on Churches worldwide to include brief Church history, pastor background, size of congregation, worship service schedules, fellowship meeting schedules, and contact information.
2. Christian Website Directory: Collect directories, and compile index according to categories and target groups, etc…
3. Calendar events listing: Gathering information on all publicized events and activities from Churches and Christian Organizations. Online calendar are made available for posting events and activities such as evangelical meetings, retreats, outings, training workshops, youth ministries, etc… The Church events listing will first cover the major cities in the United States, and will later expand to other areas.
4. Christian Publication Directory: Include books, music, sermons and workshops (video, audio and written), Sunday school material. Heavenly Portal will only provide search listings; the actual contents must be obtained from the owner. Method of payment (if deemed by owner as premium item) and ways of distribution must be indicated upon registration.
5. Ministries Forge: Online ministry sharing and mobilization.
C. Kingdom Support: Servant Support

VII. Important Notices
A. Heavenly Portal operates independently from all Christian Organizations and Denominations.
B. Information provided by Heavenly Portal will be openly rated with commentaries from the four groups of users listed below: 1) pastoral consultants, 2) pastors, lay speakers and students in theological studies, 3) Christians, and 4) non-believers.
C. Heavenly Portal publishes index and catalog.
D. Heavenly Portal reserves the right to remove contents on our website.

Advisor Pastoral (by alphabetical)
Jonathan Chiu
Morley Lee
Ting Lee
Chien Li
Bellman Lin
Wen-Chuwn Kao

Board of Committee
David Liu
Andrew Cho
Siang-Jeh Chou

9662 Pollack Dr
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
(626) 297-6508
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